Matt Cochran Leads Team Ramsey to the Championship

Michael Rogers, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 13,  Wheaton South’s intramural basketball 2020 season came to a dramatic end, when Team Ramsey led by Matt Cochran won it all. 

To say that this year’s season was crazy is an understatement. To start off, the season was full of all sorts of altercations between a lot of different teams, including little beefs between players that went a little further than basketball. With everything being said, it made a really entertaining season to pay attention to, but through it all Team Ramsey was able persevere and win the league.

While Team Ramsey did not go undefeated in the regular season ( 19-1 ), their only loss came when they had four players out and had to play four against five. Although they lost that game by a close margin, they came into the playoffs wanting to make a statement to the entire league. 

Shutout, and down two points half way into the game, Team Ramsey needed a boost of momentum to shift the game in their favor. After Cochran grabbed and clawed for a loose ball, Ramsey Khayal was able to make his next two three pointers, extending a big lead that the opposing team was unable to comeback from.

After the game, Bryce Sutfin, a crucial role player for Team Ramsey all season, had this to say about winning the championship “I feel great” said Sutfin “I am so grateful for my teammates”. This was really the mood of everyone on Team Ramsey because they really just got to see a product of all the hard work they put in over the long excruciating season.

Two days after the big win Matt Cochran had some words to say about his team “My teammates are my brothers, like I cry for them, I die for them, like we go all out one-hundred percent.” The common eye can observe the brotherhood and camaraderie Team Ramsey has during any of their playoff games, and winning the championship is a result of all the positive things with this team.