WWS Spring Sports Postponed


Julia Vitale, Staff Writer

All Wheaton Warrenville South spring sports are postponed until further notice as of Friday, March 13, following the recent spread of the Coronavirus. Athlete’s seasons are getting cut short after only just a couple weeks of them beginning. 

Everything from practices to games for Wheaton Warrenville South athletes are not allowed during this time. “Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South have canceled all spring contests until April 4,” explains Joshua Welge of Kane County Chronicle. The school district, along with the state, are attempting to practice social distancing. They are continuing to encourage young people to stay in their homes instead of meeting in large groups for games, practices and team bonding. 

Although the seasons are only postponed a few weeks as of right now, it is a worry among many athletes and coaches that their seasons could very well be cancelled. Seniors seem to be the ones taking this news the hardest. “I think that they had good intentions for the safety of staff and students in the overall community,” Peyton Kunkel stated, “It’s just upsetting, especially for seniors.” Kunkel plays lacrosse as her final sport for the school, which is a co-op team with Wheaton North. For many, this is the last opportunity for them to be able to play on a team. 

Although teams are not allowed to practice, they are still being held accountable for staying in shape for when they come back. With the recent temporary closings of local gyms, it makes that task more difficult for a lot of students. Given this information, it is unfortunate that athletes with hopes of breaking records during this season may have a harder time doing so. 

The spring sports being postponed include lacrosse, track, badminton, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball. This history making decision to postpone spring sports due to the pandemic of Covid-19 is one that athletes will never forget. However, taking the proper safety precautions is what is most important. Check out the Wheaton Warrenville South website for updates and more information.