COVID-19: Looking On The Bright Side


Madison Myers, Staff Writer

Around the world, everyone is feeling the devastating effects of the coronavirus. People all over are filing for unemployment, the economy is going down hill, kids are not at school, most parents are working from home, and where is all of the toilet paper? Not to mention the scary fact that people are sick and dying because of this and there is no cure. It seems as though everyone (myself included) is focusing on the negatives. “I don’t have a job”, “I won’t have graduation or prom”, “I am paying for college, but I am not even at school.” Since everyone is understandably on edge right now, maybe it is time to look on the bright side of things. 

Even though the coronavirus has made life for everyone a little more difficult, for the sake of mental health, it is important for people everywhere to overlook these challenging times and focus on what good has and will come from this experience. Some examples of amazing things that have happened in the midst of this crisis include: benefits to the climate and environment, a growth in family relationships, and unity in our nation.

No tourism, no ferries, so few planes. Carbon emissions are sinking at the speed of light,” stated an author from A Frog in the Fjord blog. Additionally, with less boats and planes, people are now able to see fish in water that was cloudy before this pandemic. Not only that, but people have recently been taking pictures on hilltops that overlook notoriously foggy cities such as Los Angeles, and are noticing clearer skies.

Satellite observations have shown that the temporary measures have also driven significant decreases in harmful emissions,” stated NBC News author, Denise Chow. Perhaps, a lesson on pollution and how it affects the environment and climate change will stem from this crisis as people are now actually able to see a difference in the world around them. 

As many people have been quarantined for weeks now, so many people are getting to spend more quality time with their families. 18 year old senior at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School, Carly Briggs, has been spending all day everyday with her family as both of her parents are working from home, along with both of her sisters and her nephew. This student athlete is not used to having lots of free time as she is a three sport athlete, so this experience has had a great impact on her relationship with her family. “I feel like it has brought this family closer because we have made a lot of memories from being cooped up here together,” stated Briggs. 

Lastly, something that seems rare nowadays has stemmed from this pandemic, and that is unity. Although everyone is practicing social distancing, the hashtag #AloneTogether is popping up everywhere. People are realizing that while this situation is frustrating, everyone is going through the same thing and now everyone is coming together to fight the Coronavirus.

“More than 1,000 volunteer groups have been set up to help those self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak and tens of thousands have come forward offering to pick up shopping or deliver medicine to the most vulnerable across the country,” stated a BBC author. While this is not the only good that people are doing, it really does show a snippet of how this situation has brought people together.

While the Coronavirus outbreak is a very serious worldwide crisis, it is important to look on the bright side of things in such a dark time. Environmental changes, growth in family relationships, and unity have all stemmed from this experience just to name a few. So, while it is important not to dilute the seriousness of this situation, everyone needs a little positivity every once in a while. And more toilet paper…