Speaker Extraordinaire: Katelyn Litvan


Ethan Dymit, Staff Writer

As far as the Speech Team goes, many South students don’t get a full picture of what the activity is about. While it’s one of the school’s most successful programs, the average student probably only knows about it from the State Series assembly, or just by seeing kids talk to walls afterschool in upper G.

With Senior Katelyn Litvan, the story goes much deeper. As one of the hardest working members of the team, Litvan has had a very successful career at South, involved in both Speech and Theater, as a performer and an Assistant Director. While her contributions to the school are plentiful, Litvan might be overlooked as one of the most capable students in her class.

Litvan’s career in speech is an easy example of her hardworking nature. In fact, Litvan lists her speech career as one of her proudest achievements during high school.

 “I’ve been so grateful to have been part of the speech team,” said Litvan. “I’ve become so much more confident because of it!”

Throughout her time on the team, she’s competed in multiple events, often with wildly different tones. Whether it was enlightening an audience in Info, making a room laugh in SOS or getting gloomy in DDA, Litvan managed to tackle every situation with dedication and a can-do attitude. In fact, her demeanor has made her a great teammate and overall good friend to have on the team.

“Katelyn is really funny and bubbly and super sweet!” said fellow speech senior Hannah Belmont. “She was always there to lift her teammates up and was always there to help.”

With such a great career and reputation in the Speech community, as well as experience acting and directing, Litvan is taking the lessons that she has learned into the next stage of life as well. While her days in theater might be over, Litvan has plans to utilize her skills well into the future.

“I plan on majoring in communications, and I’m sure I will use all the communication skills I learned from Speech,” said Litvan. “I don’t think I’ll be doing anything performance related though, it was fun to do with my friends at South but I don’t see myself continuing.”

Litvan is excited to close out her senior year, and is planning on attending Elon University next Fall. She hopes that South remembers her “as someone who was approachable, kind, and positive.”