Hsar Lwen: A Season Flipped

Hsar Lwen: A Season Flipped

Javier Tecuatl, Staff Writer

According to The Washington Post no one really knows when schools will reopen this year because it all depends on where one lives, who is in charge, and how much the decision makers respect the opinion of qualified scientists who are trying to figure out a way to stop this whole madness that’s taken over the entire world. Senior year ought to be the best year for highschoolers but unfortunately many of them had to say goodbye to after school activities such as spring sports, clubs, plays, and even volunteering activities that have molded these teenagers into who they are today.

Unfortunately for Wheaton Warrenville South student, Hsar Lwen, the gymnastics season for his senior year will have to be put on hold or possibly be cancelled for the year due to the coronavirus. This announcement didn’t go well with Lwen because ever since freshman year he’s been looking forward to competing in his senior year as a varsity captain.

 “I’m still upset about it but I know that it’s nobody’s fault so I’m not mad. I cope with it by talking to my teammates and we would just talk about what we would be doing right now and sending old videos of our season from last year” said Lwen. 

Three years of gymnastic seasons has made Lwen acquire a unique set of skills that has enabled him to move his body in ways that others can not, all the way to teaching him valuable life lessons on overcoming doubt and disbelief. 

“It taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, because I never thought I could do half the things that I could do now or even qualify for state, especially since starting the sport so much later than the others.” said Lwen. 

In the meantime while in quarantine the possibility of  maybe cancelling the season hasn’t stopped him from being optimistic during this whole situation. Out of his own willingness to become a better athlete, Lwen has been putting in the hard work at home trying to better himself each and everyday that he can’t practice at school with his gymnastics teammates. 

“While being stuck inside all I can do is workout and keep myself in shape and not lose any strength” said Lwen. 

Caring for others and achieving the overall goal is what makes Lwen who he truly is when it comes down to being a friend, student, and athlete for Wheaton Warrenville South High School. If the season doesn’t get cancelled or postponed his dream is to have the entire boys gymnastics team be qualifiers for a state title. Lwen has personally gotten the chance to compete at the state level in front of hundreds in attendance due to his performance throughout the past seasons. 

Lwen is a self motivated individual when it comes to life, school, and sports.

 Mrs. Voogd, an art and jewelry teacher at WWS, has stated that Lwen takes his time when constructing a new piece of jewelry when he’s in her class. She added that he enjoys paying extremely close attention to detail because it’s all about the detail when it comes down to making a fine piece of jewelry. Patience and attention to detail are some of the traits that he’s grown to perfect throughout his years at WWS. 

“What motivated me is that every year I have less time to do something to give back to the school so I try to work hard because I know that every day that goes by is less time I have to give back to the school,” said Lwen.

Lwen’s future goal includes being part of a team that’s ultimately bigger than who he is. He is going to become a police officer because he’s always wanted to help people in his community while keeping them safe. He’s always liked putting others first and  himself last because it gives him happiness and joy knowing that it’s the correct thing to do. Hsar Lwen will stop at nothing in order to achieve success in life.