Zach Hartnett Senior Spotlight


Sam Bach, Staff Writer


The room is dead silent, anticipation creeps up as the seconds fall. All the long nights, months of preparation, his whole career comes down to this. In an instant, overflowing joy hits senior Zach Hartnett. Him, along with Joe Allgood, have just won state for humorous duet acting in speech. 

From Speech state champion, fashion show emcee, variety show, and freshman baseball manager, Zach Hartnett has done it all at South. Hartnett describes his motivation as “I wanted my high school experience to not be dictated by the forethought of college, and instead be filled with things that I actually find joy in, so that would be the primary motivating factor for me: joy.”

Winning state champion honors is the biggest honor to receive in high school activities. This is a historic moment for not only Hartnett(and Allgood), but also for Wheaton South as a whole. Hartnett stated that he and Joe believed they edged out the competition with their piece being the most unique, and by just being flat out more funny.

Hartnett is not just simply a speech guy. Zach played baseball freshman and sophomore year, he did fill-ins for the variety show, he now is a freshman team manager for baseball, he and Allgood were the emcee’s for the talent show, and he will be speaking for graduation. Not bad for only four years.

Although Hartnett might not admit it, he has left a legacy at Wheaton South. Hartnett says, “My goal doing speech was never to “leave a legacy”, but I hope that I’ve had some influence on all of the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen that I’ve worked with over the years. I hope that they can take what I’ve taught them (whether that be directly or indirectly) and expand to heights unimaginable.” Hartnett has inspired other South students to make the most out of their 4 years here. 

A friend of Hartnett’s(anonymous) had some things to say about him. “Always a positive guy to have around, makes these events more enjoyable,” he writes. Hartnett’s energetic style on stage has resonated to not only his friends, but to all Wheaton South staff and students.

Before this school year ends and Hartnett is headed off to college, he still wants to do one more thing. “The only thing that I really want to do before I leave for college is to make sure that I maintain the friendships I’ve developed over my high school years so that I can keep those friends close while I’m away at school,” Hartnett states. Over these four years Hartnett has developed into an active presence in any South activity, a good student, and a great Tiger.