Michael Rogers Senior Spotlight


Pano Pitouli, Staff Writer

Everyone on the football team has their eyes locked in on Coach Muhitch, as he is ready to announce the captains of the football team. It takes little time for him to say the name Michael Rogers, and it comes as a surprise to no one. Rogers has been viewed as a leader by example by all of his peers both on the field and in the classroom.

Division I football commit, Varsity Football captain, State Champion three point shooter, and National Honors Society, are some things Michael is most proud of. He really has competed at the highest level in all of his sports, and has also made it a top priority to never stop volunteering even with such a busy schedule. Michael is someone who always stresses having a non selfish and positive mindset no matter what you do. Rogers explains his reasoning as “I never took the mindset of personal accomplishment when playing sports, I played basketball and football, two sports in which the team is everything, so I just gave it all to never let the people around me down.”

His achievements will never go unnoticed, and he has stamped his legacy at Wheaton Warrenville South. With all of his other accomplishments, many overlook that Rogers was ready to compete in the State Championship Three Point Contest, but his opportunity was cut short because of the pandemic. He was upset that he couldn’t compete in it, but knew they had made the right decision in cancelling it, he said.

With all of his accolades in sports, it is often overlooked that Rogers is someone who prioritises school, and giving back to his community. He is a member of National Honors Society, but was giving back before people did it for the purpose of receiving volunteer hours. Rogers says, “I’ve been volunteering frequently at Feed My Starving Children since middle school, it never has been about getting hours for a certain club at school, for me it has always been about being grateful for what I have, I can do something as small as packing food for people who don’t have anything.” 

A close friend of Rogers (anonymous) said a couple things about him. “Michael is never a kid who does stuff to get noticed, he does things because he genuinely wants to do them. I think that is why many of his teammates saw him as a leader, quiet guy when he needs to be and will always be someone who leads by example in all aspects of life.” 

Rogers is headed off to play football at Drake University, but he feels like his time in Wheaton is not done. “I want to see all of my friends a lot this summer, before we all go off to college. I want to make sure that I never lose what I had with these guys, I want to have a relationship with all of them that will last for many years.” Rogers said. As his run at Wheaton Warrenville South comes to an end, Rogers left behind a legacy in sports and in his community.