Battista Gets Thrown A Curveball

Battista Gets Thrown A Curveball

Maya Donnelly, Staff Writer

The Wheaton Warrenville South students and faculty are grateful to have Anthony Battista (senior) and Alaina Battista (junior) in their community. Part of the reason why having the Battista’s at South is so great is because of the principles that their late father Michael has taught them. Anthony’s senior year was not what he expected due to the loss of his father and the Coronavirus outbreak. Anthony is making the best out of his situation by applying what his father taught him to his senior year. 

Senior year is commonly thought of as the easiest year of highschool. The students have completed the ACT/SAT and have an idea of where they will be going to college in the fall. Senior year is the time to have fun and not put too much stress on one’s self. School had just begun to pick up in difficulty when Anthony’s father Michael passed away. Anthony only missed roughly two weeks of school due to his father’s passing. Everyone was amazed by Anthony’s hard work to return to school. Though Anthony returned to South quickly, being at school wasn’t easy. “My reasoning for coming back to school so soon after his passing was because I felt like I needed some sense of normalcy because my life for the couple weeks prior to that had been a blur. At first being in class was really tough to focus and that didn’t subside for probably a month and a half. I would come to school to sit and listen to my teachers talk, but I wouldn’t really participate or do my work. I had too many things clouding my head to focus.” As Anthony adjusted, he was able to enjoy school. However in March, Wheaton Warrenville South suspended regular classes due to the Coronavirus. Relatively few students were looking forward to participating in “e-learning”, especially now as traditional classes have been suspended for the rest of the school year.  Luckily, “e learning” hasn’t been too difficult for Anthony. “E learning without a routine at home is kinda rough, like I said before, I procrastinate a lot. Also, as the weather warms up I’ve been doing a lot of work outside around my house to make everything look nice so I fit that into my e learning as well. Other than that it hasn’t been too hard of a task.” 

Another loss besides traditional schooling for Anthony has been his baseball season. 

Senior night is an important tradition for sports teams across the country. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has stopped teams from celebrating senior night in a traditional way this year. Senior night is the tradition that brings the season to a close and it’s a reward for the years of blood sweat and tears that athletes have put into their sport. Senior pitcher and outfielder Anthony Battista’s final baseball season is over before it even began. At six years old, Battista started playing baseball. In Anthony’s twelve year baseball career he has played for various travel baseball teams as well as the Wheaton Warrenville South Varsity baseball team. After 12 years, baseball has become a lifestyle for Anthony along with his father Michael.  In the fall of Anthony’s senior year. Michael Battista passed away before being able to see his son play his final game of baseball. There are many traditions that Mr. Battista would not have been able to see, but Anthony would want his father to be a part of his baseball season. “100% baseball. I obviously would’ve loved for him to have been able to be at graduation but the worst is for sure baseball. it would’ve meant the world to me for him to see my last games but I’ve come to terms with it.” Though his father wouldn’t have been there, Anthony was looking forward to the season with his teammates. Like any senior who plays a sport, the seniors on the baseball team were looking forward to leading their traditions for the team. One of the traditions the baseball team has is called “Checking Out”. “What it is is after you break the final huddle after each game and practice we “check out” by fist bumping all the players and coaches before you leave. I always liked doing that. “Unfortunately, there will be no baseball games for the Tigers and Anthony this year as the spring sport’s season has come to an end due to the Coronavirus. 

Though Anthony was thrown many curveball’s his senior year, he was able to handle all of them. He kept a positive attitude through his challenges, and he always helped others even in his circumstance, just like his father taught him.