Donnelly’s Random Acts of Kindness

Sam Schlegel, Staff Writer

It’s never too late to get involved at Wheaton Warrenville South High School. Senior Maya Donnelly proved this to be true when she decided to revive the Random Acts of Kindness Club. The RAKC is an organization designed to instill kindness in the halls at south.  The club was started 3 years ago, and was a success in the first year with many freshmen joining the club. 

However a year later, participation for the club dwindled and did not meet requirements. English teacher, Holly Wierschem, the RAKC sponsor, was looking for a student to revive the club that she loved. Donnelly stepped up to the plate along with two other seniors and agreed to help revive the club. At the beginning of the year, Donnelly was determined to get the club back to life. 

“I like to be in charge, so I wanted to take this opportunity to be a leader at my school,” Donnelly said, “I wanted to lay a strong foundation for RAKC so when i leave the school it can carry on without me.”

The average student is hesitant to try new things so Donnelly was not surprised when her club did not gain many members. A typical meeting would have 10-15 people working on making posters and flyers to promote the fundraisers that the club sponsored. Donnelly would love to have more participation in the future but is happy with the progress the club has made this year. 

Donnelly said, “It was very difficult to gain members because lots of high school students have a lot going on and scheduling meetings that allow everyone to attend was becoming too hard so we had to just decide on certain days and apologize to those that couldn’t make it.”

Beyond Random Acts of Kindness Club, Donnelly excels in the classroom. She has recently been accepted to University of Missouri and is undecided on a major. She also swims for the Wheaton Co-op swim team in the fall and manages freshman badminton in the spring. 

Donnelly said, “I like to expand my horizons as much as I can to experience as much as I can in my time in high school. I think I have done very well by staying involved in many activities while staying committed to my school work.”