Students Finding Ways to Keep Communicating


John Odom, Staff Writer

The world has essentially been stopped. Stores, schools, and almost everything else are closed. Coronavirus has swept the globe and has dumped us all in uncharted waters. Trying to find something to hold on to instead of being swept away by the current. For us students, being able to keep in contact with our friends is the most important part of keeping our sanity. 

Kids all over the world are finding ways to continue to chat with their friends, despite not being able to actually go out and see each other face to face. Thankfully, our world today allows us to connect with each other in more ways than ever before. Had it been 20 years ago, talking to friends would have been close to impossible. So although being quarantined has its obviously negative side, we are all continuing to find ways to keep in contact with those we appreciate most.

Students have found plenty of ways to stay in contact with their friends during the quarantine. WWS senior Pano Pitouli, has stayed in contact with friends, but has mixed feelings, “Man I can’t see them. I like staring into their eyes when talking and now I can’t do that. I hear their voices, but it’s a different experience”. Most students usually talked to their friends over text or call before the quarantine, but they were able to see them during the day. Now the secondary means of communication has become the primary, and it’s simply not the same. 

For WWS senior Sam Bach, communication with friends has come, “Every day over social media and party chats through Xbox”. Social media has most definitely seen an increase in activity during this quarantine.

According to TechCrunch, “Overall, Facebook usage has increased by 37%, while China’s local social media apps saw usage climb by 58%”. 

With nothing else to do, people are depending on their phones and social media for entertainment and communication with their friends. Plenty of people are posting and sharing things on social media because there isn’t any other way to share. There is no waiting to tell your friends a story tomorrow at school or just simply talking at the lunch table.

Hopefully this quarantine ends soon and we can get back to regular life as soon as possible. But thankfully, we will have technology on our side for as long as we need it. How long will it last? We don’t know for sure. For Sam Bach, patience in running thin, “Until the end of April. Then I might just start losing it”.