Personalize Your iPhone With i0S14 Update


JC Cortez, Staff Writer

Trillion-Dollar Company, Apple Inc. unveiled the future for the iPhone community this past September. The iOS 14 contains a new approach to “self-customization” as users are now able to use different types of widgets to convey their personalities through their phones. Many loyal iPhone users have partaken in this customization as the trend recently blew up on social media app, Tiktok.

After multiple updates containing nothing but “bug-fixes”, Apple takes the market by storm with it’s new update that did, in fact, change the game. Chris Welch from The Verge is quoted saying, 

 “iOS 14 shows how Apple’s software can breathe new life into the hardware you already own.” After paying $700-$1100 for an iPhone, cautious users are especially happy with the new update as it allows users to be more unique and personalized. 

Especially with Apple’s new iPhone 12 dropping in early November, user’s with iPhone 6’s or later, who can no longer update their phones, are pressured to fit into the social group and purchase a new phone. And this social group is extremely massive especially with the new, popular app Tiktok, users are able to show off their personal home screens based on their interests. “The TikTok teens took the internet by storm and convinced me that my home screen needs a major upgrade.” says Mashable writer, Jennimai Nguyen. In a recent study, out of the 43 high school students surveyed, only 45% of them had their home screens customized but 74% said they would customize their home screen if they had the free time. 

Into the physical details about the update, user Juliana Gonazalez does a great job in paraphrasing it’s highlights when she notes, “I’ve noticed different color schemes or  themes revolving around people or movies, but really anything that’s aesthetically pleasing” Overall tiktok is overflown with user’s making an individual color-coordinated page for their apps, or even getting as creative as using Mean Girl quotes and pictures. “By using Shortcuts together with custom Widgets and the App Library, you can build a totally unique home screen look.” says Macworld author Jason Cross. Instead of having their usual app-sized apps users can now enjoy the visuals of large, medium or small widgets. Along with being able to use the Shortcuts app to make a more quick and enjoyable experience. 

Time also plays an important role in participation in home screen customization. While this still dubs a popular trend, many decide to not take part in it due to the large time commitment that takes to perfect one’s home screen. When asked about how long it took to customize their screens, many students noted it could take anywhere from one to four hours to complete depending on the amount of customization. This intimidating number definitely dismayed curious users who simply decide that against it. Tiktok user, Isabelle Morici, comments on the issue saying, “It truly is a great way for people to express themselves through something they spend so much time with, but for me, it’s too time consuming and overall, not worth it.” 

Overall, whether one decides to customize their phone is a personal decision. If they decide to partake, they have the options to customize it anyway they choose and only have to sustain the time constraints they might face. To keep audiences frequently engaged, Apple could try holiday specific customization competitions where they elect a user who customized the best for a prize.