From the Downfall to the Come Up

Jorge Espinal, Staff Writer

The sadness, desperation, and the struggle was a few emotions back in 2018. The thought of not being able to find a supportive job quickly. The trouble time was for Salvador Espinal during the times of him being laid off from his job.

Espinal lost his job at Suncast after working for the company for 24 years. After him being laid off by the company, during the first couple of months, he felt lost. “I was desperate, I knew that I could last for a while like this but it wasn’t going to end well. The first few weeks were restful but after those restful weeks felt terrible.” Espinal said. After time flew, he started getting desperate for jobs and to the point where he got scammed $400. After talking to Espinal what was going on and how he was feeling during that time. “ I was mainly afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find a high paying job to what he made.” He commented. He went job hunting for days and days trying to find a place that can almost get the same amount as him.

Espinal F=knew that it’d be difficult to find a job with the same pay, he’d have to start from the bottom again. He got a job at this cleaning company Buck’s Services. He then later on knew it wasn’t enough so continued job hunting in the cleaning services and found many side jobs to make a little bit of extra cash. In our interview, I asked about all of his jobs and how he handles them. “ I work under two companies, one working six to two and the other company going to three different locations after seven pm.” throughout the years, he’d pick up more and more side jobs as time went on. This man is working hard consistently and is appreciated by his working community. Espinal  has really brought himself up from the fall that he had in 2018. He does have more jobs of course as many places don’t pay as much as his old job. After working for two years in the Buck’s service company, he has been titled as Assistant manager. 

Espinal had the motivation to push himself back up, he even wakes up early in the morning to go work out before what you can say as a long day of work. He kept his hopes and knew there was a lot at stake if he didn’t respond quickly. Espinal is a hard working man that is well respected by many.