Blonde Doubleshot Espresso on Ice: The Hidden Gem of Starbucks


Bridget Guerin, Staff Writer

Searching for a happy medium between a sugary caramel macchiato and a bland iced coffee? Look no further! Starbucks’s Blonde Doubleshot Espresso on Ice is the delicious pick-me-up that coffee-lovers have been searching for. 

On their website, Starbucks describes the Blonde Doubleshot as, “Mellow, light-bodied shots of Starbucks® Blonde Espresso are shaken with our classic syrup and ice, then topped with a splash of milk for a creamy finish.”

Having ordered the Blonde Doubleshot several times, I find that it has a perfect balance of sweetness and espresso taste, a personal standard for coffee and espresso that seems to be difficult to meet.  Too often, the first sip is either a mouthful of sugary syrup or bitter liquid. A grande Blonde Doubleshot has three shots of espresso and two pumps of Starbucks Classic Syrup. Each sip is a balanced mix of smooth, subtly sweet espresso.

Another review of the Blonde Doubleshot entitled, “Starbucks’ New Blonde Espresso Option Will Change The Way You Order Lattes,” wrote, “If you think an espresso is too much coffee to handle without the suppressing support of milk and sugar, I recommend ordering the new Blonde Espresso.”

 Evidently, Starbucks has done a phenomenal job appealing to the sweet tooth of its customers while staying true to the espresso flavor.

Aside from taste, the Blonde Doubleshot Espresso does not sacrifice a chunk of daily calories for its delicious taste.  A grande Blonde Doubleshot is about 100 calories, not nearly as calorie-loaded as many other Starbucks drinks. For example, a grande size of the similar-tasting Blonde Vanilla Latte is 190 calories and an Iced White Chocolate Mocha a whopping 420 calories. 

As someone who is both very health-conscious and very addicted to coffee, finding low-calorie and good-tasting coffees has been a challenge. However, the many adjustments that Starbucks offers help shave off unwanted calories. Swapping the default 2% milk in the Blond Doubleshot for nonfat milk shaves off 10 calories with no detectable difference in taste. Starbucks also allows customers to adjust the amount of classic syrup and number of espresso shots in the drink. 

Because caffeine is one of the main reasons customers come flocking to Starbucks every day, I must acknowledge yet another standard that the Blonde Doubleshot has met. 

According to a Starbucks press release, “contrary to popular thought, this light roasted espresso has just as much caffeine as its dark roasted sibling!” 

Just how much will this seemingly-perfect drink cost? The truth is, not any more than other similar Starbucks espresso drinks, and in some cases, even less. A grande Blonde Doubleshot is about $3.45 not including tax. A grande Nitro Cold Brew, which also promises a balance of naturally sweet taste and refreshing cold brew, costs about $4.75 before tax. 

Overall, I rate the Blonde Doubleshot Espresso a 10/10. Coming from a harsh coffee critic with exceptionally high standards, this perfect rating is a hint to all the coffee and espresso-lovers out there to try this delicious masterpiece!