New Wingstop On Roosevelt: Fly Over

New Wingstop On Roosevelt: Fly Over

Makena Steffens, Staff Writer

The chain restaurant, Wingstop, recently opened up on Roosevelt Road in Glen Ellyn.  Starting up in Texas, their barbeque wings have made their way to new states across the country.  Before heading over there, these are some things to take into consideration.

The location is easy to get into, but the parking lot may be a nightmare on a busy Friday night due to there only being about 12 narrow spots.  The restaurant itself is pretty small too.  With the kitchen being so large, there seems to be barely any room for seating, which is okay as of right now because of the pandemic restrictions.  After ordering there isn’t much room to stand around, especially if there are a lot of people waiting along with you, so there’s a feeling of always being in the way.

The menu offers a wide variety of wings and tenders, but comes with some catches.  There is only an option to order a combo meal with fries and a drink when you order fewer amounts of wings.  The quantity starts at six wings, so fasting before the meal might be necessary if you are a light eater.  You can purchase just wings starting at ten going up to 100.  There are 11 different sauces to choose from ranking from their “Atomic” to their least spicy, “Teriyaki.”  However, there was a quick switch from a medium spicy “Hickory Smoked BBQ” to “Garlic Parmesan” which can become an issue if a regular old fashioned, non-spicy BBQ sauce is favored.

As far as service goes it was decent at best.  During my visit there were almost too many workers in the kitchen and there were only two workers up front.  My group had never been there before so we needed extra time to look over the menu and since we are teens the worker was more hostile towards us to hurry up.  After each placing our order, one came out in under five minutes.  The next two were ready 30 minutes later.  Granted, they did seem a bit busy, but there were other parties behind us that received their order before we did.  

Now for the food itself.  After trying out the fries Matt Lifka explains “they have good seasoning, they’re a little buttery, and the good soft.”  Even though the fries were not the main part of the meal to try out, they met the standard for a good side.

Going on to the wings, I gathered some initial thoughts.  Rowan Fahey says, “buffalo is juicy; they slap.”  Harry Wolf shares that “compared to all wings ever, I’d give them a seven or eight out of ten,” followed by Dave Marcheschi saying “Buffalo Wild Wings is better.”  If you’re feeling hungry, the eight count meal is the way to go.  

Overall, Wingstop is a great place to go with friends and family after a long day.  Due to COVID-19 you will have to carry out, but it’s worth it to get some quality wings in a somewhat decently timed manner.