Should Colleges Abandon SAT And ACT Score Requirements?


Bella Boyas, Staff Writer

Dave Berry, a college admissions expert, explains “at the national level, researchers have found evidence that standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT are worse predictors of a student’s success in college than other measures, such as high school GPA,” said Berry. There are other ways to accept students into college besides looking at their SAT or ACT scores.

Many colleges require students’ standardized testing scores to measure their academic skills to determine if the students should be accepted into those colleges. Standardized testing has been one of the biggest factors in college admissions and many individuals believe colleges should abandon the requirement of standardized testing because it doesn’t fully show the type of individual the student is by just one test score. Standardized testing doesn’t show a true picture of a student’s academic ability and there are many other factors that colleges should consider when accepting a student into their college such as looking at the students’ GPA, their personality traits and work ethic. 

First off, many students believe their GPA is more of an accurate measure when it comes to college acceptance because of how it measures students’ academic skills. Berry said, “high school GPA generally captures the sorts of behaviors that students need to be successful in college, such as showing up to class and turning in assignments.” GPA carries on a student’s grades throughout their four years of high school and shows their ethical skills while standardized tests can not convey how well a student’s long term work and study habits are.    

Grace Smith, a senior at Wheaton Warrenville South said, “Colleges should pay further attention to a student’s GPA because it demonstrates their level of understanding for multiple subjects over the course of a semester.” A student’s GPA shows their grades from multiple subjects because it weighs out their schoolwork over the four years. 

However, in the article, “Effects on Future Student Performance and Admission,” author, Elke Hernandez, strongly believed standardized testing should continue being the predominant factor in college admissions because if a student has a low GPA it can negatively affect them from getting into college. Hernandez said, “The removal of standardized test scores would create inconsistencies and be unfair to applicants whose scores could be outstanding but their GPA states the opposite. These findings show that GPA could falsely represent a student because their GPA could have been affected by unknown factors and their SAT/ACT score could be showing their true potential to be in a university.” He believes some students will not have the opportunity to get into the college they want to go to because their GPA is not high enough and taking the SAT/ACT they will give those students with a low GPA a chance to get into those schools by sending in their ACT or SAT scores.

Likewise, many students believe individuals’ personality traits should be a major factor for acceptance rate because college admissions will be able to understand the type of person they are accepting into their school by looking at every aspect of the student instead of just learning how well their academic skills are. Clara Roche, a junior at Wheaton North High School said, “Every student has individual strengths and weaknesses and I think that along with the character and work ethic of the student, the student’s characteristics should be more important than a standardized test that they will take once or twice in their entire life.” Every individual has many different characteristics that make them who they are and accepting students for their academic and personal successes is how colleges should determine who to accept into their colleges. 

Overall, colleges should consider abandoning their standardized test score requirements to measure students’ academic skills because there are other factors that can determine if a student is qualified enough to be accepted into the school. Every student should have the same opportunity to succeed in life and eliminating standardized testing score requirements can help students accomplish spectacular things in their future by being accepted into a school that accepts them for their academic and personal achievements.