WWS Girls Cross Country Team Bring Home a Victory


Bella Boyas, Staff Writer

Wheaton Warrenville South girls came in 1st place at the girls cross country meet hosted at Lake Park East Campus High School on Saturday, Sept. 12. The schools that attended the meet and the final score were Wheaton Warrenville South- 27, Batavia- 34, Wheaton North- 81 and Lake Park- 107. 

The day of the race was a rainy and sunless morning but the conditions of the courses were in great shape and ready for the quad meet to begin. Many of the girls were feeling a little nervous but excited to start running. 

Before racing, Jessica Michalowski, a senior and varsity cross country caption at WWS explained how she and the other two captions gave their team words of encouragement before they raced and said, “how our season could be taken away from us in a matter of days and so we got to race it like it’s our last by giving it our all and having fun!” 

Getting ready to start the race, WWS senior and varsity caption, Samantha Poglitsch was in the lead with Katrina Schlenker, a junior from Batavia. Many other Wheaton Warrenville South and Batavia runners were just a few yards right behind them. Throughout the race Sclenker and Poglitsch were neck and neck and right when one was ahead of the other, the other one caught up. About halfway at 1 ½  miles and 9:55 in, Poglitsch and Schlenker were still leading the race at a constant speed. 

After about 2 miles and 15:39 in, Sclenker jumped ahead and began leading the race in first place with Poglitsch just a few yards behind her. Getting closer to the finish line, Sclenker was still ahead of all the other racers and finished the 3 mile race at 17:25. Poglitsch finished closely right after with a time of 17:42. Some of the other WWS racers that finished after Poglitsch were Becca Hauenstein at 18:51, Allie Fecke at 19:26 and Michalowski at 19:59. All WWS girls finished the 3 mile race under twenty minutes and fifteen seconds with a 6:45 pace. As a team, the tigers came in first place and took home the victory. “Everyone’s success adds up to a win and that’s what we always look for,” said Michalowski.

The Wheaton Warrenville South girl’s cross country team have had a successful season so far and will continue pushing themselves each week to carry on their winning streak by not giving up and giving each race 100%.