English Department Recognizes Students Of The Term

English Department Recognizes Students Of The Term

Ryan Haywood, a senior at Wheaton Warrenville South, was nominated for the Student Of The Term Award on February 1 2021. 

Ryan was nominated from his Communication Studies teacher, Roberta James, as a student who has shown qualities that made him worthy of winning “Student Of The Term” award for the first semester of his senior year. Before the end of first semester, he received an email from his teacher saying he got this award by showing great leadership skills, maintaining good grades, being an active participant in class as well as being an excellent example of how students should be in class. Ryan was shocked, happy, and surprised for being picked out of the many students in Roberta James’s classes.

 On the morning of Feb. 3, there was a short Google Meet video ceremony set up by the English department head, Dr. Lawrence. In addition, most of the English teachers were there to congratulate all students who were nominated and had won the award of “Student Of The Term”. During the ceremony they went in alphabetical order of students who were awarded and stated why they had nominated them, Ryan was nominated because he is actively engaged in class daily.

Ryan then received, along with others, a black folder of the Certificate Of Achievement Thursday Feb. 11 at school. Inside the black folder was a piece of paper stating “Certificate Of Achievement” at the top and in the middle “English Department Student Of The Term Ryan Haywood” followed by Dr. Lawrence’s signature at the bottom. 

Ryan stated, “It was an honor to be nominated for this award.” Although Ryan had been recommended by one teacher, teachers from previous english classes that Ryan had been in were also there to congratulate him. With remote learning and hybrid scheduling, it isn’t easy to be doing well academically with the many distractions that come from being at home.

Congratulations to all of the Fall 2020 students of the term:

Luke Buhmann
Libby Burger
Zora Carter
Kendall Eddington
Carter Gual
Caleb Hatzinger
Ryan Haywood
Mustafa Kuchiyev
Annie McBride
Jessica Michalowski
Joe Muana
Janeyci Orizaba
Paula Rodriguez Paredes
Emma Stephen
Olivia Tosto