New Four-Day Week Option Provides New Normal For Some Students


Bella Zweig, Staff Writer

Wheaton Warrenville South students will be given the opportunity to return back to school four days a week starting Feb. 22. After being on a hybrid schedule for all of first semester, students are eager to get a sense of normalcy. 

A few weeks ago, WWS students were emailed a survey to ask if they would like to go back to school four days a week if given the opportunity. A high percentage of students want to go back to school for four days, but available space in classrooms will play a huge role in the amount of students able to actually return. To be fair, it isn’t just a random draw on who will be able to go back.  First on the list is struggling students and those with learning disabilities. Seniors will be next in line, with juniors, sophomores and then freshman following. The first round of students sent back to school included 60 seniors. 

Senior, Josh Zweig, who was chosen to go back to school, states, “I’m excited because this will allow kids to be able to engage more in class and not be distracted from outside sources while at home. Being back in school will definitely help make this school year seem more normal.” he adds. 

Although most students are excited to go back, there could be some possible cons. “We are so used to the hybrid schedule that going back for four days might be overwhelming. We haven’t had a normal school week since March of last year.” Zweig states. 

Going back to school four days a week might not be the best fit for all students, but it will certainly point us in the right direction to making the most out of the school year during this difficult and uncertain time.