Tiger Tailgate Restores Students’ Hopes


Tara Geraminejad and Mia McCoyd

The senior class council planned an outdoor socially distanced tailgate for the students of WWS on Feb. 5  at 3:30 P.M. Seniors were asked to arrive at 3 P.M. for individualized time. “Our intention behind the tiger tailgate was to give the students of South some sense of belonging in a year that has felt super isolated,” said senior member of class council, Juliana Gonzalez. 

During the Tiger Tailgate students came dressed up in tiger gear, with cars decorated and were served hot chocolate provided by the Junior class council. The event included a limbo contest, a bags tournament and a giveaway of Chipotle and Chick-fil-A giftcards for best decorated cars, most tiger spirited, and the winners of the limbo contest. The Tiger 12th Man created a playlist for the event and played their music from the baseball fields. 

This was one of the first all school events since the school shut down in March. Many students were very excited that they were able to finally attend a school sponsored event. The temperature that day was a mere six degrees, however; students endured the cold and were just happy to be together.  Senior class council member Katie Krohenke said, “I really enjoyed seeing classmates that I have not seen in many months, and I loved being able to hang out with my classmates. It was cold, but it was a super good time.”

The class of 2021 has felt an extremely underwhelming amount of appreciation due to the unexpected COVID circumstances. The senior class council felt it be important to give the seniors some kind of recognition at this point in the year. “This year, senior class has been given none of the opportunities that previous senior classes have been given, so we are just trying to give the students some time to feel special and to be appreciated,” said senior, Allyson Maher.

The senior class council has been working tirelessly to give the seniors and the student body more of a year than already presented, so the tiger tailgate was a perfect opportunity for the students to socialize in a safe environment. Walking in, the students were greeted by bags, hot chocolate and the friendly faces they have only seen through computer screens. Seniors had the first thirty min to socialize and talk to their teachers. Once those thirty min were up, few underclassmen arrived, but those who did had a fun time. Senior class council is working to create more events like the tiger tailgate to give the student body more unification in an isolated time.

Having a outdoor party in Feb. was not ideal considering the weather, however: students and staff felt optimistic about the attendance at the chilly event with about fifty students attending in total. Quinn said, “It was really cold, so we were really grateful especially for the seniors that did come out to it. It was still super fun, and was a good sign for the spring that many people will come out when it’s below zero, if it’s a decent day, I think people are really antsy and excited to have the opportunity to gather safely.”