2021 Homecoming Assembly

Kaitlyn Miller , Journalist

The Wheaton Warrenville South’s Homecoming assembly is just around the corner and it’s the talk of the school. This assembly will be happening on Oct. 1 in the Orange and Black gym at Wheaton Warrenville South. As it nears, everyone gathers their dates and starts planning. This assembly has played a huge part in our community and school for a while now. It’s a tradition that has been a part of WWS for many years and continues to be an exciting part of the school year. During the week before Homecoming, there is spirit week with dress-up days. At the beginning of the year, everyone talks about the Homecoming assembly. “My favorite part about the Homecoming assembly is the way it brings our school and community together,” said senior Maddy Maggio. 

Many different groups play a role in this assembly. The teachers put together a show, the football team and cheerleaders perform a routine for the crowd, and the dancers perform as well. The smiles and laughter it brings to everyone’s faces are what is talked about days afterward. “The best part of the whole assembly for me is how the whole crowd goes crazy and it’s something that we all enjoy,” says Maggio. 

When that announcement signals that it’s time for the assembly, we all jump up from our seats. Running to the gym excited to see what it brings. You would think the same assembly would get old each year but it hasn’t. A new year comes along with another new assembly. The crowd gets hype, teachers are going crazy, and there’s loud music playing. It’s the chapter of a new year and a fresh start.


Edited by Ben Achammer