Water, Water, and More Water


Andrew Murman, Journalist

Panic and confusion have taken over the minds of many New Yorkers as rain, caused by Hurricane Ida. It has been non-stop in the Big Apple as subways, roads and shelters are being compromised by the flooding. Finally the end of September, things are getting better. Hurricane Ida caused destruction along the Gulf. Ida’s remnants brought historic rainfall and floods to the majority of the eastern coastline, and no one could have prepared for it. Matt Koffman, a life-long New York resident said, “It was a huge surprise to us, especially being this far up North, and caused panic throughout my neighborhood as well as the whole state”. More than 150,000 homes are left without power, highways and subways were flooded leaving cars, people trains stranded. “We’ve donated money, canned food, games. The least we can do is try to give people a small light in these dark times. It’s just a very scary time that many of us New Yorkers haven’t felt in a while,” Koffman stated. New York also received aid from the Red Cross.

 The notorious subway system that is hidden under the streets of the city was flooded with rainwater. Cars stranded on the highways and streets, people struggling to find safety, homes losing their valuables, created a panic throughout that will stick for a while. But as they have in the past, New York will bounce back with bravery and unity as this catastrophic event has been the center of attention for weeks.


Edited by Emma Aleccia