Cosmic: Out Of This World

Cosmic: Out Of This World

Tanya Ramirez, Staff Writer

Finding new music can be very hard to find. Finding new music, that we can relate can be even more difficult. Bazzi is a pop artist, who came up to fame very quickly after his hit song, Mine. Mine is the 14th song is his new album, Cosmic. Bazzi’s music is mostly classified as Pop music, but there is definitely a lot of different types of genres included, that is could easily be changed to R&B.

Emotions brought up by Bazzi’s album are there to make others feel like they are not alone. It shows how Bazzi is definitely an artist who is not afraid to put his emotions and how he truly feels into a song. In the 15th track, Changed, the song’s beat is definitely not a typical song, it adds a lot of emotion. “Yeah, and even though it’s all your fault You the one I run to by default I’m thinking all about the things you said That s— is on repeat inside my head Makin’ me feel like a fool” said Bazzi. This song goes to show one of the many emotions that Bazzi is trying to make others feel. The album starts off as very happy and a very calming beat. Later on it begins to slow down and speed back up. Track 13 shows emotions differently, happier emotions. The song Beautiful is also a remix with Camila Cabello. This song is a song that can make anyone feel special.

Lyrics in Bazzi’s music are relatable to many. A lot of people who have listened to cosmic like this album because of the beat and lyrics. The music is inspiring, moody, and overall what many could call perfect, it truly is Cosmic. Bazzi writes his music making it feel even better, knowing someone can put what others feel into words. That is what many look for in a song or album, something we can not put into words, but something someone else is to put into words, so we have a feeling to feel with someone.

The beat in Cosmic is definitely what many could definitely disagree on the fact the album is not pop. It is pop, but it definitely has a lot of R&B influences. In many songs it is your typical pop music, but there is a lot more that are could be R&B. The song “Myself” is not something that is often heard. The beat and lyrics are definitely something different. “I think I’m losing my mind

Trying to stay inside the lines It’s like I’m running in place How you keep staying the same?” Most pop songs feel like they are holding onto something or someone  and in Bazzi’s music he has definitely put a twist to it and added more emotions about letting go and how he is just focused on the future.

That goes to show that for the overall theme is loving and letting go. Be grateful for what you have and loss happens. Bazzi accepted the pain he has caused others in this album and the pain others have caused him. To be somewhere is to focus on yourself, when you start to lose yourself so you can fight for what you want and get to the place you want to be in life.