105.7 Degree Fever

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105.7 Degree Fever

Lina Amro, Staff Writer

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At 7 years-old, Jakelin Caal had just received her first pair of shoes. Hoping to learn and experience new things, such as reading and writing, the young girl was excited for her new life in the United States. While migrating from a small indigenous Guatemalan community, her childhood was ripped out of her small hands at the U.S. border after going several days without food or water. Caal later went into heat exhaustion which resulted in dehydration, shock, and eventually liver failure. Heartbroken and distressed, the Guatemalan family fights for justice against U.S. Border Control in hopes of giving their daughter the voice she barely had time to use.

Controversy has been surrounding the US Customs and Border Protection laws and emergency procedures. NBC News reports that the new policies set up by the Trump Administration have been delaying legal entrance to immigrants. As a result, hundreds of families are forced to choose between traveling dangerous and illegal routes along the border, or waiting in anticipation for weeks on end in border towns. CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan even mentioned in front of lawmakers that, ”the agency’s holding cells are “incompatible” with the new reality of parents with children coming across the border to surrender to agents en masse, requesting asylum.” In other words, even for immigrants crossing legally CBP still fails to ensure safe border conditions.

The US government is doing it’s best to develop a safe, well-maintaine, and secured border. Immigrants who see our land as an opportunity for a better lifestyle are searching for the entry port that will treat them with respect and have a well-run entry process. The US believes that without set-in-stone border regulations, illegal immigrants will ransack our nation with drugs and crime.

While Caal’s family along with 163 other migrants were traveling north illegally, the CBP believes that had they entered our nation via port, this tragedy would have been avoided. “As we have always said, traveling north illegally is extremely dangerous…we are begging parents to not put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally.” said the Department of Homeland Security.

The investigation into this tragedy has set off a deeper discussion into border restrictions and the regulation of children migrants. “There were only four agents working with a group of 163 migrants, including 50 unaccompanied children, and only one bus to take them to the nearest station 94 miles away.” reported the Associated Press. Many people are calling to have more ports of entry and a larger BP staff surrounding not on the border entries, but the miles and miles between each port. Also, the necessity for medical resources and food resources is pressing the government and many are questioning if they have the supplies to regulate the border.

The regulations of the US border is a pressing topic, many people have traveled  south to give supplies such as food, water, and clothes to those trapped in bored towns waiting for the green light. In recent news, celebrities and political leaders have appeared along to border protesting against Trumps “zero tolerance” policy; forcing migrant children and their parents to be seperated at the border. Lena Dunham and Bella Thorne were among those fighting for justice in Texas.

Claudia Maquin, dealing with the loss of her daughter, recalls, “Every time they ask me what happened it the girl, it hurts me again.”  Government officials are still investigating and hope to prevent more hardships from occurring.