Big Move for Prairie Path Books

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Big Move for Prairie Path Books

Brighid Weisheit, Staff Writer

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On Feb. 10, local bookstore, Prairie Path Books closed their doors to the public and began their move to Town Square Mall to reopen later that week on Valentine’s Day in their new location.

Prairie Path Books has resided in Downtown Wheaton for the past four years. “Prairie Path Books moved because our landlord, Toms-Price Furniture, sold the building to College Church.  While the Church did not ask [Prairie Path Books] to leave immediately, we would have had to move at some point in the near future,” remarked manager, Susan Nordmark.

Many of the employees from Prairie Path Books, better known as PPB to the staff, have been hard at work packing and restaging everything in the store. Olivia Judge, a sophomore at Wheaton College and employee at PPB said, “It’s been a whirlwind ever since we were able to sign a lease with Town Square Mall, getting everything organized and packed up was a little overwhelming, but the staff at PPB was able to bring it all together, just in time for the opening party last night!”

PPB threw a grand opening party known as the I Love Books Bash to welcome frequenters and new customers alike to the new location with drinks, snacks and good conversation. “I am so excited to be able to make the new location just as welcoming and homey as PPB was before because that was something so valuable to the original location and I think the atmosphere was what drew so many people into the store,” Olivia Judge explains.

Prairie Path Books provided a safe-haven from a technology stricken world and many customers who visited the original location are sad to see it go. Customer Maggie Quinn describes PPB as, “It was a fun experience to go in there. There was nice music and there was that reading room and fresh baked goods. It was a real good shopping experience.”

Frequenters may long for the old homey feel of the original location with its widely known nooks and crannies that were always perfect for hiding out to read. The staff at PPB are working tirelessly to design the new location in order to give it the same vibe.

The new storefront that is visible to the public, a new benefit that the original location lacked, will hopefully draw in new customers. Nordmark explains, “The move gives PPB more exposure/foot traffic.  Word-of-mouth is how many are introduced to PPB, so there is more opportunity for people to discover the store. Hopefully this will lead to increased sales and allow us to offer more products/events for the public.”

All in Prairie Path Books are excited for the future of the store in Town Square. “Town Square has made some wonderful improvements recently that should bring in new customers, especially from the south side of Wheaton. The space itself is less square footage than the Toms-Price location, but the open floor plan makes it seem so spacious. It is also very nice to be in a mall where we can collaborate with the neighboring stores,” said Nordmark