Quote of the Week: April 21st – 27th

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“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” -Chinese proverb

    This proverb from China was written by the doorway of 6th grade language arts class. Quite literally, one would have to enter through the door the teacher opened, as I believe was the purpose of such placement. This physical analogy, though, also shows how, if the teacher is not present to open the door, the students cannot enter (as I believed actually was the case on a couple occasions). Likewise, the students won’t be in the classroom if they fail to take the action to walk in themselves. The implied idea of this quote is that, in order to learn and be successful in education, you have to do the work. I believe this is a powerful message, but one that is more likely to arouse groans than inspiration in its intended audience. To rephrase this message, we all walk in doors to get into our classroom. If you can do that much, why not go the extra mile and get something out of it, because the teacher can’t force you into the door- it’s your choice as a student.