Quote of the Week: May 5th – May 11th

“Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.” -Unknown

This approach to life seems particularly meaningful in today’s world, especially in the wake of the student walkouts which occurred over a year ago. The greatest impact these walkouts had, I would argue, is not the intended result of banning guns but the realization the power of union when we come together and face something which we believe is wrong. In other words, it opened our eyes that we can do something in the world, which is where the second part of this quote plays in: “change what you can’t accept.” Despite all our combined efforts, we will never be able to rid of the numerous problems in the world and some things are an actual fact of life that no one can change- such as the one’s race or gender. With these things we can’t change, we must make instead accept them. In either cases, however, is there a lack of taking the action to do something- whether it is to change something or accept someone.