COVID-19 Forces Postponement of WWS Spring Soccer Season


Renae Fickle, Staff Writer

Friday, March 13, the girls soccer program at Wheaton Warrenville South High School heard the news that the first three games of their season were cancelled because of the recent global outbreak of COVID-19. The two WWS teams planned to play Hinsdale Central, Oswego East and Oak Park, but because of the pandemic, IHSA had to postpone the start of all spring sports until it is safe to play. As more cases arise from this strand of Coronavirus, the players attempt to keep a positive attitude towards the rest of the season.

Coach Guy Callipari went into the 2020 season with 375 wins under his belt as head coach. He is known around the conference as a successful coach with tremendous ideals of tradition and integrity. As tryouts began on March 2, Callipari was able to handpick his varsity team for the upcoming season. The Varsity and Varsity Reserve teams practiced for just one week before CUSD-200 announced their plans to close the schools as well as postpone the spring seasons for all sports.

Callipari, in hopes to keep a correct mindset for the field, has assigned an online program for each of the girls to use and refresh their memory on specific tactical skills. The program is given through SportsLab360, with three portions to each lesson– a video, a lesson and a quiz — all to hopefully prepare for a small portion of the season.

“It’s tough knowing we are losing time when I had such a good experience last year,” said Varsity team manager and Senior Holly Roach. The annual varsity team bonding weekend was also postponed as the program is abiding by the CDC’s social distancing rules. This weekend is a common highlight of the few months the team has together as the girls on Varsity are able to connect and create a bond that in theory will transfer over to the field.

Senior team captain Abby Becker said that she hopes everyone on the team “keeps their heads up and values the little bit of time we might have together.” She, along with everyone else on the team, feels cheated out of a season that they have worked hard for and prepared for since the year prior. The seniors especially have announced their dismay of the postponement and possible cancellation of the season as they were excited to end their senior year playing a sport they love.

Roach explains that through the grief and anger of the news, she finds comfort knowing that “this pandemic is much bigger than us, and that the whole world is dealing with it too.” Even in times of anger and frustration, it is important to remember that these precautions are for the greater good of society.