Bachelor Finale Is Worth A Watch


Will Cassin, Staff Writer

“Bachelor”, Season 24, has just come to a wrap; the season finale consisted of two episodes airing live on March 9 and March 10. The show has been on air for almost two decades, starting their first series of the Bachelor in 2002.

There have been spin offs of “Bachelor” such as “Bachelor in Paradise”, “Bachelorette”, and a new series “Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart”, basing the concept of the Bachelor around music. None of these have really lived up to the hype of the real “Bachelor” due to the drama the show creates, the entertainment factor, and the relationships and characters that come on the show.

This was the season that Peter Weber would finally find love after being dumped by Hannah Brown on the previous “Bachelorette” series. Few relationships last from this show but every once and awhile they last. This season Peter was the bachelor and was full of surprises and made some very controversial calls during the season, especially what happened during the two part season finale. Peter did not find his true love but is ‘casually dating’ a participant named Madison Prewett. 

As of Thursday March 12 they decided that they would not be continuing their relationship together, but at the time of the season finale they both believed there was hope for the two of them.  According to the New York Post written by Marisa Dellatto, “Of course, Sluss was their pick of the litter,” said Dellatto. The whole family was on the side of Hannah Ann Sluss, and she, along with Peter’s family,  had a few words of advice for Peter leaving her. Peter somehow chose two opposite characters as his final two that were displayed in the finale.

This was part of the entertainment but this wasn’t the main attraction of the second night of the finale. “Bachelor” has an entertainment factor that is undeniable and is a show that will drag anyone in. “The most dramatic ‘Bachelor’ finale in history!” said host Chris Harrison. Granted he will say this about anything but still it always seems to turn out true. 

Even though the “Bachelor” series does have its flaws there are plenty of good that the show brings out in people and the “Bachelor” community. There is always something to focus on in the “Bachelor” and condensing down a week of footage into one 2 hour show a week, something dramatic is bound to happen. 

The pacing was perfect for the first night of the finale and left viewers on a good cliffhanger going into Tuesday March 10. As far as the second night it started off really strong and the producers might have rushed the intro. Peter and Hannah Ann were engaged about 20 mins into the second day finale, but the rest of it was very boring and elongated. 

Part of the problem with the pacing was when Barbara was introduced into the conversation with Peter and Madison. This took up an overwhelming amount of time of the two hour show. The season finale with Barbara was very controversial and it was mostly fabricated because it was the only interesting thing to happen during the second night of the finale. The “Bachelor” community instantly hated Barbara because the majority of people took a great liking to Madison.

Overall I would give the “Bachelor” season 24 finale a 3 out of 5 due to the lack of pacing that the producers put into the show, and the way that they fabricated the interaction between Barbara and Madison.