The Her Drive

Rena Winchell

The women’s history club here at Wheaton Warrenville South High School ran a “Her Drive” from Monday, Jan. 31 to Friday, Feb. 4. The club collected various feminine hygiene products, for use by homeless and low-income women, by means of donation bins throughout the school. Donations will be going to the Period Collective and the People’s Resource Center.

The women’s history club was founded this school year. In this short time, it has gained around 30 members. Since the club is in its first year, this is the first time there has been a “Her Drive” here at Wheaton Warrenville South. The club leaders are hopeful that the drive will become a yearly trend. The club is run by Sociology and AP Government teacher, Johnna Rediehs, and seniors, Lily Gadallah and Mia Taullahu. The week-long effort collected 2,334 items in total, including 34 boxes of individually wrapped menstrual pads, and over 700 individually wrapped tampons. In terms of where donations will be going, “Half of the donations are going to the Period Collective, and the other half is going to the People’s Resource Center in Wheaton,” said Gadallah. The general consensus of the club is that things went really well. “I think the drive itself turned out better than expected,” said Gadallah. “There was a lot of passion because there were a lot of people who donated just because they could.” The drive went very well, as reflected by the club sponsor’s response. “I’m really proud of everyone who contributed and made this happen,” said Rediehs.

If anyone is interested in joining the club, they meet on Thursdays after school in room S131.