Tour the Tanks


Kenny Schroeder, staff writer

On Saturday, Sept. 3 The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park conducted a tour of its well-known tank collection. During this tour, guests will be guided by First Division Museum Staff along with volunteers from the park’s motor pool. By doing this tour, the park hopes to increase people’s knowledge of military tanks and also introduce the park to new and returning visitors. The tour consists of a 45-minute walk through the park showing the extensive history of U.S. tanks from wars near and far. Guests will have the opportunity to climb on most of the tanks in the park and explore the technology that helped win many battles in the past and present. This event is free with a $5 parking fee. There is no need for advance registration.

Cantigny park, the former estate of Colonel Robert R. McCormick is a 500-acre park with many pieces of history and art. The park consists of a large golf course, museum, gardens, visitors center, trails, and an education center. The park was opened to the public in 1958, shortly after the passing of McCormick. The park is named after the battle of Cantigny, which was the United States’ first win in World War I. During this battle, Colonel McCormick commanded an artillery battalion where he would end up winning the battle. Guests visiting the park will have the opportunity to view McCormick’s mansion and once renovations are completed, tour the mansion.