Caught in the Web of the WWS Theater Program


Tyler Bouris , staff writer

Wheaton Warrenville South High School recently debuted their children’s show, “Charlotte’s Web”, on Friday, Sept. 16. They also presented their performance on Saturday, Sept. 17 with two shows throughout the day. This play was an opportunity for new faces to join the theater program for a chance to be in their first production at Wheaton Warrenville South. The students committed themselves to a strenuous four weeks of rehearsals in preparation for their performances. “It’s exciting to give new students who have never been on our stage before this experience,” said Roberta James, lead director of the novice play. 

There were over 50 people who contributed to the success of “Charlotte’s Web”, including the cast, tech crew, student directors, directors, costume people, and cast mentors. The tech crew helped with sound, lights, and mics and changed sets throughout the shows. Student directors helped actors with line delivery and positioning on stage during the four weeks leading up to the show date, and mentors helped the cast with warm-ups before the performances and gave them notes to improve during the run-throughs. 

The excited theater students also performed for local third graders from Wiesbrook, Bower, Madison, and other schools on Friday. “I have brought my class to the novice play here for years, and this is one of the best novice plays I’ve seen here,” stated a Bower teacher and audience member. On Saturday, the 19-person cast on stage presented two shows to parents and the public. The WWS theater program certainly lived up to the anticipation of another whimsical performance.