Mark Huerta , staff writer

The four orchestra ensembles: Concert, Chamber 1, Chamber 2, and Sinfonia all performed in Wheaton Warrenville Souths auditorium from around 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. The December orchestra concert was conducted by the WWS orchestra director, Allison Chang. 

To begin, the first ensemble, Concert, played Bashana Haba’Ah (by Nurit Hirst) , Yuletide Season, by John Moss, and Somewhere In My Memory, by Larry Moore. They excelled at crescendoing, or gradually increasing in sound, in their pieces. Yuletide Season also had two soloists, primary violinist Olivia “V” St. Pierre, and 2nt violinist Mark Huerta. 

Afterward Chamber 1 played Greensleeves Variations, by Richard Stephan, and Gustafson Serenade. Although these songs did not utilize soloists, they had an abundance of both quiet and thunderous moments in their pieces, which made them sound enchanting. 

Soon after came Chamber 2. They played The Holly and the Ivy, by Robert Longfield with 3 soloists, a violin complete solo throughout the whole piece by concertmaster Makayla Ruiz, and then a solo who accompanied her in the beginning by violist Dalia Volkart, and cellist Alexander “Alex” Hestermann. They also performed Armenian Rhapsody No.2 by Alan Hovhaness, which included a wide variety of solace with the violas and cellos. 

Sinfonia played Parry Suite Movement.1, a wonderful, difficult piece. They also played, with special permission, Ghibli Medley. It’s a piece consisting of five anime songs, and a piano solo done by Ms. Chang’s younger sister. 

Last but definitely not least, Sleigh Ride, by Leroy Anderson was performed by the Symphonic Orchestra, consisting of Chamber 2, Sinfonia, and the Wind Ensemble. This was the grand finale, a piece which many stood up to clap, is a song that is traditionally played at the winter concert. 

This was a wonderful concert many will remember. If you had a chance to make it to the concert, I’m sure you remember the delightful experience. If not, the videos are posted to youtube, as well as past concerts, by the youtube channel, TheStringBender. Happy holidays!