Winter Art Show


Abby Barson, staff writer

The annual winter art show kicked off on the morning of Dec. 8, 2022 in the library of Wheaton Warrenville South. All of the art classes at Wheaton Warrenville South contributed selected pieces of artwork from all students in such classes. Each student chose a piece to submit from all of their work in the semester.

The morning of the event, students and teachers of various art classes set up the art show, preparing to show our school’s art to family and friends. Later that day, students, friends, family, and faculty members voted for their favorite art pieces, and the next day, students in South’s art classes voted to award the Students’ Choice Award.

The artwork was displayed with pieces from the commercial art class set up on a table at the front of the art show and pieces from jewelry, ceramics, and architectural drafting classes were shown on tables on one side of the library with thoughtfully crafted 3-D houses, stunning jewelry, and incredible ceramic designs.

At the center of the room were rows of artwork from the painting and drawing classes with various materials used from acrylic paint to watercolor to pencil and more, all used to channel their creativity.  

Pieces from the various photography classes were stapled onto boards around the back of the library capturing students’ favorite projects. Next to pieces from the photo classes was artwork from South’s many AP classes with many students awed by the incredible artwork that came from dedicated time from the artists. If you missed the art show, you still have a chance to see selected art pieces shown on the bulletin board outside of the auditorium.

The art show is an opportunity to see other people’s art and to connect with one another. Students were given a chance to see one another’s art and to see the creativity behind it. After a special winter art show, we can all look forward to the next art show in the spring and have the reminder of using our creativity once again.