“A Star is Born”: A Jaw-dropping Film

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“A Star is Born”: A Jaw-dropping Film

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Based off of the 1976 romantic drama film starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, a new version of “A Star is Born” was released Oct. 5, and featured Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as the leads. The modernized film revolves around a waitress and singer-songwriter (Lady Gaga) who falls in love with a famous rock and roll/country star (Bradley Cooper) only to find that her musical career is rising while his is declining due to alcoholism and substance abuse.

A Star is Born is a jaw-dropping film because of its focus on addiction, transformation, and its stimulating power of music. The storyline captivates the audience throughout the entire movie because it is very easy to follow. Since the story is based on a struggling superstar with alcoholism, it is also a very relevant topic to this day. The movie did not only serve to entertain its audience, but to educate them as well. Watching the main character struggling with addiction is extremely difficult to watch at times because of the dangerous and life-altering effects drugs and alcohol can have on a person not only mentally, but physically and emotionally as well.

“A Star is Born” also features an 18-song playlist. All written by Gaga herself, the songs range from breathtaking piano ballads to passionate duets. Not only that, but her voice is absolutely chilling and her on-screen performances are must-sees. Furthermore, Gaga did an exceptional job at incorporating the lyrics with the plot of the story; each song tells its own story about what the characters are going through.

For example, when Gaga performs “I’ll Never Love Again” after the tragic suicide of her husband, the words she sings speak a greater truth of the pain she endures and how she uses the power of music to mend her broken soul. According to Roger Ebert Reviews, “It is a film that believes in the power of a song to connect with its listener in a way that can change their lives. And it will be a beloved piece of work for those who believe in it too.”

The film is rated R and it definitely should be. There is an excessive amount of swearing, and there are plenty of scenes with drugs, alcohol, sex and suicide. Yes, critics claim that it is highly inappropriate; however, the film touches on several societal issues that exist today. It may be difficult to watch at times due to its obscenity, but the film highlights important topics that need to be addressed in the entertainment industry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Bradley Cooper gives a convincing portrayal of the alcoholic country rocker, so much so that it softens the self-deconstructive edges of his character.” Jackson Maine, played by Cooper, portrayed a more rugged version of Neil Young.  The acting and directing on his part was like no other; his interpretation of Jackson was flawless to say the least. Depicting a drunkard struggling with addiction is nonetheless very difficult to do. At some points, it was painful to watch his character suffer from the disastrous effects of alcoholism and substance abuse, which shows his success in playing such a round character.

On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter stated that, “Gaga’s skill as an actor doesn’t equal the same standards as her impeccable voice”. Despite criticism, Gaga played a very raw character, so she completely discarded her popstar persona and fully embraced the inexperienced singer-songwriter. Lady Gaga’s makeup free look in the movie pinpoints the authenticity and rawness of her character, which makes her ascent to fame so much more powerful. Gaga embraced the vulnerability of a bare face even though that was definitely not something she was used to prior to filming.

The movie’s conclusion can be described as tragic, tear-jerking and controversial. Aside from the emotional ending, it should be rated a 4.5 out of five and is definitely worth the money.  “A Star is Born” takes the audience on a journey like no other; it is a must-see.