First Tiger Ornithology Meeting


Students gathered excitedly in G283 on Thursday, Sept. 6, for the first Ornithology Club of the 18-19 school year. Co-presidents Aaron Stanaway and Ellie Kirby, as well as club sponsor, Mr. Curley, welcomed the incoming birders at G283.

Originally created by the class of 2016 by now alumni Nick Albert, Sarah Mueller and Brian McDonald, this unique club has continued to flourish. Ornithology club, also affectionately known as “Bird Club”, is an uncommon and fun way to get involved at WWS.

Many students have trouble finding a place here at South where they can meet and create relationships with other students but as Stanaway explained, “[Ornithology Club] provides a more diverse version of clubs here at WWS and I believe that having more diverse clubs will draw the attention of outsiders.” Stanaway hopes Ornithology Club will help students find a place where they feel they belong.

The first meeting showed old and new members what Ornithology is all about. Stanaway explained to students what they will do each week, normally presentations of birds that club members pick out themselves. As per tradition, each bird name and name of the student is an alliteration, for example, “Anhinga Aaron”.

Stanaway and Kirby have exciting and new activities planned for the 18-19 school year which include bird walks, bird presentations, a trip to the Morton Arboretum and a birdhouse making activity day.

“My goals for ornithology this year just really have good attendance and get people more interested in the study of birds,” said Stanaway.

Many students have issues making time in their busy schedules to be involved here at South, but with having bi-weekly meetings it is easy to be a member of Bird Club.

The Co presidents encourage more students to attend the next meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20. More information and updates about Ornithology club can be found on Instagram @tigerornithology.