Simply Clean Co. Makes First Sale to Dato Pistorio

Luca Olivito, staff writer

WHEATON-On Friday Sept. 13, Wheaton Warrenville South based-business Simply Clean Co. made its first installation of their self-sanitizing door attachment at Dato Pistorio Financial Group’s office in Aurora. 

The technology that Simply Clean Co. created projects a stream of ultraviolet light at a door handle. Through testing, they proved that the ultraviolet light kills 99% of bacteria. 

Members of Simply Clean Co. include Carson Grebe, Gray Pauli, Sulaymon Pandit, and Jack Cooper. The business group was formed last year in the new entrepreneurial class Business Incubator. In the spring of 2019, they received $1,200 in funding after coming in second place at the District 200 Entrepreneurial Convention. By the summer of 2019, they had created a prototype of their door attachment. 

Since then, the CEO of Dato Pistorio Financial Group, who is on the entrepreneurship board for CUSD200, has agreed to trial one of the door attachments with the intention to buy additional units if he likes the product. Simply Clean Co. hopes that this sale will open up a door to sell more of their door attachments to other companies. They are currently marketing their product to local business owners on the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce professionals list. Simply Clean Co. member Sulaymon Pandit is also using the Tiger Paws Newsletter, Instagram and Twitter to spread awareness about their business.

Simply Clean Co.’s biggest challenge is finding a manufacturer. They have been looking for a manufacturer ever since they created their prototype. Carson Grebe said, “We currently don’t have the connections to get a manufacturer, but that will come with time.” As of now, they have been using Wheaton Warrenville South’s 3-D printer.

Simply Clean Co. has plans to continue expanding the business in the future. Carson Grebe has high hopes for the company saying, “We will be a Fortune 500 Company by the end of next year.”