The Tigers are Rollin’

Sulayman Pandit, Staff Writer

After an absolute blowout win against Geneva last Friday, the Tigers are 3-0 and have been ranked 4th in the latest AP Poll for the state. Last season saw a stellar defense allowing only 1 point per game in their first three games. This year it highlights the offense, firing on all cylinders and putting up a mind boggling 46 points per game. 

 With Jake Arthurs and Prince Lankah as running backs and all-conference tight end Jason Haw returning as seniors, this team is full of lethal offensive threats. However, junior quarterback Parker Brown is now running the show for this offense after senior quarterback John Odom tore his ACL in the spring.

 Brown has about 500 passing yards so far with 8 touchdowns in these first three games with a completion percentage over 60%. A junior has not started at quarterback for years, so for Brown to play at this level is an accomplishment of its own.

 Brown himself is not surprised by the hot start this team has been off to as he said “ I have studs all around me with tons of experience making the game much easier.” Arthurs, Lankah and Haw all had high praise for the young QB as Arthurs said “ He really rallies this team together.” That leadership is rare from a younger QB who gives this praise to his coaches saying “ the gameplaning has been phenomenal, making the game come easy to me.”

 This week, the team plays St. Charles East before coming back for their highly anticipated home opener against a top 5 team in Batavia. Next Friday will be the biggest test Brown will face all season as he will go up against one of the best defenses in the state. Brown, seemingly unphased, said “they’re a beatable team, we are ranked in the top 5 as well, but I can only focus on Batavia after this week’s game.”

 The great play from Brown has been a treat to watch and it will be very exciting to see what he has in store for the rest of the season.