Tiger Crew Holds First Meeting of Year

Zoe Jethani, Staff Writer

Tiger Crew, a club at Wheaton Warrenville South that organizes events for the special needs community, held their first meeting Tuesday, September 10.

Tiger Crew has been a critical part of Wheaton Warrenville South’s community for many years. Through the club, South’s large group of special needs students have been able to form relationships with other classmates and feel included as highschoolers.

Allison McNicholas, a senior, is now president of Tiger Crew. McNicholas believes that Tiger Crew does so much for the special needs kids, but believes she has been just as impacted by the club. “They[special needs students] always put us in a better mood and have taught me the importance of kindness and acceptance and that we are all similar as highschoolers.”

Tiger crew meets the first Tuesday of every month to plan parties for the kids. They also hand make invitations to give out before each party. Through this next year, McNicholas hopes to expand the club and form stronger relationships between members and students. She encourages students to say hi when they see special ed kids in the hall or going to eat lunch with them in their classroom.

The impact of Tiger Crew can be seen evidently throughout the halls of the highschool. “I think it just makes the school a friendlier environment and a warm environment,” said McNichoals, “the club really develops a strong bond and sense of community in the school and is a daily reminder to people to be nice to everyone and also teaches us to value friendships. I think it has made South a more inclusive place.”

The first party of the year will be held Wednesday, Sept. 25 right after school on the senior patio. It is an ice cream party and McNicholas hopes to have a big turnout.